Small spaces, small dogs!

First Post!

Coming up on my one year mark in San Francisco, time to reflect.  Trying to move to a city with small dogs is an absolute nightmare. I am sure many people can attest to the perils of trying to rent when you have fur children.

My hairdresser actually moved out to Oakland for her Chihuahua and Yorkie because it is almost impossible to find a place that will even talk to you if you have a dog. The animal shelters have seen an increase in people surrendering their loved furry ones just to try and find a place to live. Fortunately, San Francisco is pushing to get limits put on landlords so they can no longer discriminate against pet owners.

As a landlord myself, I have struggled with the pet debate as well. They do damage your hardwood floors but I believe that allowing our tenants to have pets makes them happier, encourages them to stay longer and be better renters. What are your thoughts about animals and rentals?


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